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The Interpretation of the Intro to a Side Character

“yeah, you can call me Loverboy”

“they say i throw my heart around”

first things first, i’m the kinda guy that leaves the oven on so i don’t have to preheat it constantly. what’s wrong with improvising or simply being efficient?

i could’ve left that as my introduction, and i probably should to save you time. im not worth knowing, let alone someone most people care to learn more about. im a side character, after all.

although i don’t know exactly why i chose this pen name, or why i even bothered to write this in the first place, ill put in an ample amount of effort so i can get something out of this. i don’t know why i do anything, nor why anything bad happens to me. the only thing i know for sure is that this title feels relatable. i don’t know why, but ig we’ll find out together. i have a few guesses, but it’s shocking how much i don’t know myself. but one thing i do know is i have very few opinions of anything. favorite food? costa vida or the other one (idek what the other one is called, i just want sweet pulled pork)? the only thing i will defend is this:

hero’s are stupid

villains are too important

and this was going to be a haiku but i got lazy :|i feel like most people will call me pessimistic for calling hero’s “stupid” but i don’t mean it like that. i meant that they are overrated and everyone feels like they need one. that point of view didn’t really fit in the half-haiku i tried to do, but there is my opinion. do hero’s really help humans in general? or do people idolize hero’s to the point they can’t see their flaws? do you actually need a role model? i’m not going to answer my questions, so get used to that if you decide to continue reading.

idek why i don’t answer my questions, so feel free to call me lazy. although it feels more like i don’t care enough to defend my answer, so why try?

but now ill finish what i was saying about villains. they always get a bad rep (most of the time). just look at hades. my guy has the best hair to exist, and disney still messed up his story. villains are just other humans that get misunderstood for their methods or thoughts, but not one person deserves to be called a villain. also, every story i’ve read without an awesome villain has been worthless. what good does a story have if nothing exciting ever happens? because what does that make you if people don’t understand why you do what you do? what makes you so much better than them? why can’t they be the good guy?

ill usually try to keep a neutral perspective on everything, and i do my best to see things from other peoples perspectives. except for hotdogs. they are tacos.

i don’t know that you expected from me, but one thing is for sure: i’m not nearly as dedicated, hard working, smart, or talented as anybody else, and im not planning on ever being as good as the person next to me. after all, i’m often referred to as awkward, lonely, depressed, and lazy, but im fine with those labels. after all, they are only labels a few people see me as. they might be true, but i can do my best to accept myself.

this isn’t much of an intro, and it may not have been poetry like most other people have done, but it’s still me. its still the broken teenager i am, but i want to be proud of that eventually.


28 thoughts on “The Interpretation of the Intro to a Side Character

  1. Heros are pretty overrated, unless they have a really good and well written character in general.

    Also, villains are honestly one of the best kinds of characters ever- I personally would reccomend you the show Arcane on Netflix- its amazing!!

    From the characters to the general detail of the scenes

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    1. I love arcane so much!!! I actually play league of legends so I know most of the backstories, but the Netflix adaption was awesome, i love the art style, and I really adore how they portrayed characters like Singed and Hector


      1. I never played league of legends. But my boyfriend found the show and he would not stop insisting we watch it together.
        Holy shiz he changed my view on like everything just by making me watch it lol!

        The characters for sure were so freaking good, I know it may sound cliche but I really love how they made Jinx. The amount of detail they put into her character, it feels absolutely real and I love it!!

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      2. I felt biased against Jinx for a while, not because I didn’t like the character development or anything, but rather, Riot changed her to be so overpowered in the actual game purely to advertise the show, but my favorite character ended up being Hector, and it would be awesome to get a second season of his android form!

        I do love the way Jinx and VI’s backstory was portrayed, although Echo (Little man) definitely got the lesser part of his story told. My best friend at the time loved him and his thrifty but ingenious mind.

        It’s also really cool that you had someone to watch it with, and I’m sure you had plenty of great memories!


      1. Hahaha. It’s very obviously eye-catching. Actually, I think that it’s the writers that stop caring that get the best results. The best writing is the most real writing.

        I LOVED your poem about calling. Somethin’ weird resonates there. You’re honest. I like honesty.

        I think you got what it takes. I’ll probably stay tuned. Even if you think your stuff sucks, dude. Haha

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      2. My honestly is definitely what gets me in the most trouble 😅 the only reason I’m so honest is because I’m lazy. Not in the normal “do nothing” kinda way, but it’s more of I don’t have enough energy nor a reason for anything. It takes so much energy to create a story that people will believe, but that’s my entire goal in life right now.

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      3. I get the exact area you’re coming from. I think we’re similar but also polar opposites. I think I use a lot of my energy trying to decipher how to say things just right. But other times, my words come straight out of a crusty miscellaneous box.

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      4. I tend to not think enough, which always led to the people around me getting hurt. Recently, too much of my energy has gone to watching my mouth, But that always ends with me being exhausted.

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      5. I think there’s a funky balance. Like- you need close friends who can take what you deal and love you, but you also gotta be considerate. There are certain things you can ignore but there are certain things you just can’t. Being honest about negative things needs to also come with honesty about positive things. Vulnerability fixes a lot of problems. I’d say you’ve already opened your blog that way. Maybe, mister “side character”, it starts here. I like this whole blog thing.

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  2. Well honest person to honest person, “deserving friends” is something that will only dissipate if you convince yourself it’s dissipated. But no one stops deserving precious Relationships. They take at least two people. Idk what your specifics are, but despite your whole “lazy” title, I think there are things in your hands that can bring things back to life. And yo, if you need to start somewhere new, look at where you’re at. We’re comment buddies now. Pfpfpf

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    1. I guess we are 😂 but I don’t think I can go back to what we used to have. And I know that I have the ability to change things but the reason I call myself lazy is mainly that I will never act on what I want, if I ever decide what that is


      1. I don’t want to sound like a hippy, but live your life!!! And write about it. It sounds like you’ve got as much to deal with as the rest of us. They say that relationships are about experiencing the death of someone over and over and over and coming to know and love whoever they become. Don’t look for what you used to have. Just look for a better version than what is, ya know??? Also beware of titles. They set in stone the things that are meant to change. Hopefully I don’t sound too presumptuous.


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