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Under the Blossom Tree

through out my years, i’ve done nothing.

i haven’t created anything meaningful

i haven’t helped anyone escape from the abyss i go through every day

i haven’t been able to even do simple tasks right

you would think that after working for 12 hours a day every single day that i would learn how to do my jobs right. but that’s not how it works for me. i still got fired

maybe one day i’ll fix myself

maybe one day i’ll be good enough

and maybe one day i’ll realize what i did wrong to her

but maybe i’m being too optimistic

maybe i can’t change the past

so maybe next time i’ll take the shot to change the future. my future

but now i’m burnt out

i am exhausted

i am lazy

i am feckless

i am idle

and most importantly, i am me

that may mean nothing, but i hope that one day it will mean the world to someone

i hope that i can change people for the better

i hope that i can get over the past

i hope i can get over the current

and i hope i can be able to prep for the future, whatever that may bring

but as for now, i’ll be resting under the protection and peace of my Blossoming Tree. come pay a visit sometime, it would be nice to talk to you, and i hope to get to know you better.

i’ll be waiting


7 thoughts on “Under the Blossom Tree

  1. “and most importantly, i am me that may mean nothing, but i hope that one day it will mean the world to someone” I love that line. Honestly just wanting to inspire someone or help them find the light is something that I believe many people long for, but don’t know how to go about.
    I love how your writing carries the reader through emotions. It stared with the “I haven’t” then went to the “maybe’s” which then lead to the “I am” which then it brought us to my favorites part, the “hope”. I love this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback! This is actually my second poem I’ve ever written, but I didn’t even think it was that good. But I appreciate the time you took to write this comment! I’ll keep doing my best and I hope we can grow together!!


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