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The Old Man and His Bench

The chill of the autumn wind brushed past his neck, sending chills through the entirety of his body. The man didn’t seem to notice, or he at least did his best not to shiver. He was sitting on the most valuable bench in the world, at least in the aging man’s mind.

There wasn’t anything special about this bench to anyone else. It wasn’t made of gold and lined with gems. It wasn’t in a special one of a kind place, and it definitely wasn’t comfortable. The frozen metal imitated wood as it grasped at his over hanging coat. Perspiration dripped off the bench, freezing before it touched the ground.

All the bearded man did was sit.

He wasn’t sad that he was alone; in fact, he was brought joy through the first memories he shared with the bench. It all started from his first date. Oh, how innocent he was. His teenage self joking about becoming the dictator of America, only to end up scheming for how to make those moments last forever.

His thoughts kept drifting in and out, slowly and calmly, like the ocean after sun-down. He soon remembered why he came there in the first place. It could have been his anniversary today, celebrating 60 years. He made a plan in his late 20’s to propose at this specific bench, but of course none of his plans worked. He should have known he couldn’t have been good enough at the time, but she ended up leaving him for his best friend.

The elder sat, hoping that one day he could realize what he did wrong. Was he meant to be alone? Or maybe he put his faith in the wrong person. However, he never regretted any choice he made while he was with her.

He cherished the moments he spent, knowing that she had already forgotten about him.


8 thoughts on “The Old Man and His Bench

      1. Nah dude I think your cool. Idk you seem cool even though I have no idea who you are. I understand but keep doing what you do :). Don’t let other get you down. People like that are a waste of space.

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