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Last Breaths

Xander breathed heavily as his helmet was removed. The toxic air tore at his throat as he gazed at the horizon, taking in the beauty of the sunrise. Funny how he could experience such pain, but still find the beauty in life. Kvothe would be proud. After all, she was the one who showed Xander love for the first time.





The stupid artificial intelligence never worked anyway. What was the point of keeping it on? All it could do was scan your vitals, it didn’t even have a GPS for them to find what would remain of his corpse.

The toxic atmosphere would take a few minutes to silence Xander for the final time, and it would be the most painful minutes of his life. But he was fine with that. He finished his mission, and the information about this new planet would save thousands of lives. He wanted to die while known as “Xander, the Forgotten Hero”. No one could possibly know he was the one who sent the files, his files, to the CORE.

“Xands!” A familiar voice exclaimed, rivalling angels for their celestial voices.

Xander turned, in shock. No one called him that, with the exception of one.

“Kvothe?” He said in utter disbelief. He looked back to see a tall, slender woman in her late 20’s standing behind him, auburn hair flowing in the acidic wind. She smiled happily at him with those onyx-black eyes of hers, which seemed to calm his soul. He came to this planet to find the source of Dinthral’s power, but he had hoped to find her the moment she went missing.

“Who else would be foolish enough to approach you while you were thinking!” She said playfully, uncovering Xander’s past memories like a cold shower, sending shivers to every corner of his body. The pain from the poisoned air set in tenfold. He winced, and set his hand out to balance on the stony shore, or what was left of the shore.

“It’s all going to be alright, I’ll always be here for you” Kvothe said with her soft and true voice, as she sat down next to Xander and set her hand on top of his. Her hand seemed to take all the pain away, and Kvothe faded away as the world went black.

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