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From the Park We Used to See

Last week I stood overlooking the empty, dull, and desolate plains from the lonely park on the side of the mountain

Then we started talking again

It was just a small conversation

Yet it seemed to fix every broken part of me

The bland grass stood tall and green again

I could feel the yellow sun’s warmth again

Color seemed to flow back into my life, freeing my soul and unlocking my appreciation for the world

I revisited the places we would go, and eat foods we used to enjoy

Everything seems to fit so well together now, but I still feel like I don’t belong

A piece of me is missing

And I don’t think I can fix it alone

I need help

Your help

I miss the sweet, soft taste of your lips

I miss the way you would lift your chin up, close your eyes, and laugh as if there wasn’t a care in the world

But now I sit here

Overlooking the same plains from the same park

But I can see the blessings of the simple field we used to play in, and the color of the swings we used to sit on came back recently

Everything feels surreal and unnatural without you

I was lost in your boundless joy, and I don’t know where to go now that I’ve only just grasped the tip again


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