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You’ve already moved on

It’s only been a day

I thought there was something special

But I guess I was wrong

I always am

I’m sorry I make this about me

And I’m sorry for trying to find hope in your kindness

People are just the sum of their stories

And there’s no telling

How much of your story I was a part of

It couldn’t have been a lot, I’ll tell you that much

You called me special

And I gave you my heart

It took you a month to crush it

And now your after my soul

It took me forever to realize that

But if I really am special,

I’m the most incompetent special person to exist

I’m the most helpless “special” the world has seen

You didn’t even bother to say goodbye


8 thoughts on “Special

  1. This is so deep. This seems to have a special meaning. I completely understand how you are feeling. This isn’t a emotion you can explain. But a feeling you can feel. It’s so complicated it’s scary.

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