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A Tale of Two Stories

I tell myself I’ve moved on

Only to have each thought go back to you

The screeching of tires as they turn

To go back the way they came

I’ve moved on

At least, I keep telling myself that

The small figure

Speeding forward

We were so close

All I wanted was to be with you

My Horn blared

The wind against my face

But then you changed

You found someone else

The sound of metal on metal

Scraped against my ears

I pushed you away

Revolted by my own actions

The warm wet asphalt

Pooled around my torso

I didn’t want to fall for you again

So I never got back up

Because I never got back up

I ended alone


10 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Stories

  1. This post has so much emotion. I really love this. I also somewhat relate to this. It’s beautiful. It’s an emotion I can’t identify. So just to read this, makes me remember how numb it felt to be in this position.

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