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THE character

What makes a good character?

It’s not hard work, I tried that

It couldn’t be humor, that never worked

It should be love

The ability to love them

As well as for them to love others

But too bad that it’s only how it should be

It isn’t

It never was

But we would like it to be that way

Fantasy’s never existed

They never have

I think that I’ve just lost my sense of character

I’m just alone

I’m not even a side character

I never existed


21 thoughts on “THE character

  1. Well, now it’s a bit different since you’ve decided to participate in the blog stuff. I mean, that makes a significant difference. We’re all now a pretty big part of each others lives. And hopefully this will all be a start of an awesome friendship ring lol
    But for reals

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  2. Maybe so, but maybe if we were to push ourselves to get to know each other before our real selves are revealed, then it wont make too much of a difference other than a deeper understanding of each others deeper feelings. Which would only then help us all grow closer

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