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All I have left

Why do I hurt myself? I’m always bleeding somewhere, even if you don’t see it I hide the pain I hide my feelings I hide everything in my heart Because I’m afraid to lose it I’m afraid to lose you But all of our fears come true eventually And now I fear myself I’m overContinue reading “All I have left”


A Tale of Two Stories

I tell myself I’ve moved on Only to have each thought go back to you The screeching of tires as they turn To go back the way they came I’ve moved on At least, I keep telling myself that The small figure Speeding forward We were so close All I wanted was to be withContinue reading “A Tale of Two Stories”

Last Breaths

Xander breathed heavily as his helmet was removed. The toxic air tore at his throat as he gazed at the horizon, taking in the beauty of the sunrise. Funny how he could experience such pain, but still find the beauty in life. Kvothe would be proud. After all, she was the one who showed XanderContinue reading “Last Breaths”

The Old Man and His Bench

The chill of the autumn wind brushed past his neck, sending chills through the entirety of his body. The man didn’t seem to notice, or he at least did his best not to shiver. He was sitting on the most valuable bench in the world, at least in the aging man’s mind. There wasn’t anythingContinue reading “The Old Man and His Bench”

Under the Blossom Tree

through out my years, i’ve done nothing. i haven’t created anything meaningful i haven’t helped anyone escape from the abyss i go through every day i haven’t been able to even do simple tasks right you would think that after working for 12 hours a day every single day that i would learn how toContinue reading “Under the Blossom Tree”