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With you

You never realize how it is without yourself

That’s why I will start to do my best

To help you find your place in this world

It doesn’t have to be with me

Because we both know that won’t work

I need to be better for you

But at least I can help just a little

“Just friends” we would call it

We never even talked

You went from my everything to nothing too fast

I miss you, and I didn’t realize how much you meant to me

Hopefully I can do better this time

There’s a life you deserve

And I want you to have that

I am willing to sacrifice myself

If it means you are here tomorrow

If it means you’ll be happy

If it even means anything, I love you

I hope it does

And I hope I can make you laugh

Your laugh fills my life with joy

It spreads the darkness thin

Allowing me to experience the feeling of love

Your short hair glistened in the car light for me

The first time in a week

And I realized how much I missed the your big glasses

Hugging the freckled nose of yours

That only seemed to add to your beauty

I know this is kinda cringe, but I mean it

I meant that you’re beautiful

I meant that I missed you

And I meant that I still love you


14 thoughts on “With you

      1. and it’s not that you weren’t good enough, it’s just that some people find certain things in other people that they like, but i understand that feeling of not being good enough for them

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